Issue #25   •   Quarter 3/4 Edition   •   December 2018

    • 2014Q1-consumer-obligationsConsumers must be bound by Operator’s terms of service on return of the signed service agreement, or on clearly accepting the service terms. Consumers shall also be deemed to accept an operator’s service term on commencement of use of the service that follows adequate communication by the licensee of its service terms.
    • Consumers must grant the Operator or its authorized representatives, without charge, access to premises, equipment or facilities as reasonably for any provisioning or maintenance of the services, equipment or facilities.
    • Consumers must not use any equipment or related facilities provided by an Operator for reasons other than those related to normal service, and must not do anything that interferes with the functioning of such equipment or facilities, without prior written authorization from the operator. Consumers shall be responsible for any loss of or damage to equipment or facilities that result from action contrary to their service terms or this General Code.

      Equipment owned by the Operator and connected to a telecommunications network may not be moved to a location or address other than the Operator .This restriction shall not apply to any equipment that is accompanied by disconnected and reconnected as part of its normal use.

      Modification or attachment of any unauthorized devise to operator’s equipment or facilities is prohibited without prior written authorization from the operator or Regulator (telephone answering machine).

      No equipment or devise that interferes in any way with the normal operation of a telecommunication service, including any equipment or devise that intercepts or assists in intercepting or receiving any service offered by the Operator that requires special authorization, may be installed by or on behalf of any consumer.

    • Consumers must not resell any service provided by an Operator expect as permitted by the service agreement of the Operator (and subject to any applicable licensing or authorization by the Commission pursuant to Act).
    • Consumers must not misuse public telecommunications services, including by:
      • Dishonestly obtaining telecommunications services; or
      • Possessing or supplying equipment that may be used to obtain such services dishonestly or fraudulently; or
      • Using services to send messages that are obscene, threatening or otherwise contrary to applicable laws or regulations.
    • In a competitive market, a Consumer may be tempted to accumulate payment arrears with one operator for services used, and then switch service to another Operator without setting payment with the previous Operator. This type of “dishonest churning” by Consumers constitutes an abusive practice by Consumers of telecom service. In order to prevent this abusive behavior:
      • Consumer must settle valid payment arrears with an Operator before switching to another Service Provider.
      • Service Provider must be permitted to carryout investigations as to whether a person seeking its services has settled with his or her previous provider, before providing services to that person.

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