Issue #25   •   Quarter 3/4 Edition   •   December 2018


2014Q1-news fibre-opticForty-four per cent of the 774 Local Government areas in the country do not have any form of fibre optic backbone for Internet connectivity, the Nigerian Communications Commission has said. Even the presence of fibre optic backbone in the rest of the LGAs does not translate into good Internet services, the regulatory agency said in an industry consultation paper on Open Access Model for Next Generation Optic fibre Broadband Network on its website. The Commission said, The National ICT policy placed Internet penetration in Nigeria at 28 per cent and broadband penetration for both mobile and fixed broadband is estimated to be 6.1 per cent. “Internet access costs are still considered high and this is mainly attributed to the lack of a comprehensive domestic fibre backbone within the country connecting the local government areas (except among the state capitals) as well as wide spread and expansive metropolitan fibre mesh network within the cities. About 56 per cent of the 774 LGAs have backbone optic fibre currently.