Issue #25   •   Quarter 3/4 Edition   •   December 2018


2014Q1-news local networksIn addition to universal Consumer Bill of Rights telecoms companies operating in Nigeria are obliged under the Consumer Code of Practice Regulation, 2007 to do the following for subscribers and /or Consumers.

  1. Provide information on products and services that is complete, accurate, and up-to-date in simple, clear language.
  2. Timely respond to request for information on products services and such information must be provided free of charge.
  3. Service Providers are duty bound to provide consumers with current service arrangements such as rates and terms and conditions for all services on offer to the public. The information must be in both electronic and print format and be available on Operators website and retail outlets.
  4. All changes in tariff rates and conditions for services must be punctually communicated to Consumers who are expected to make their views and comments on such changes to the Commission prior to the approval of same by the regulator. Any breach of this provision would void such action or actions.
  5. Every approved tariff rate change must be effectively communicated to Consumers through several channels including electronic and printed formats.
  6. On request, Service Providers must make available to Consumers contract or agreement for provision of services, which must be written in simple and language.
  7. Before any service agreement is entered into, Service Providers must provide would-be Consumers with a complete description of the service(s) in clear language.
  8. Service providers are obliged to provide Consumers with information on service quality levels offered and waiting time for initial connection as well service areas and coverage.
  9. Service providers must provide information regarding compensation and refund in event of failure to meet contracted quality service levels; procedures and methods for resolving disputes in respect of service contract.
  10. Where service are subject to upgrade or migration options, Consumers must be provided with clear and complete information regarding the upgrade or migration terms, including any changes in service performances and duly approved fees or charges resulting from the upgrade or migration.
  11. Before a contract for service is entered into, the operator must inform the Consumer the applicable rates or charges, what the charges include, method of its calculation, frequency of the charge and whether the charges or elements thereof are subject to changes from time to time, the circumstances of such changes and how the consumer will be informed of such changes.
  12. Service Providers must ensure that every contract with Consumers will specify the commencement date minimum contracts, methods of calculating any charges payable upon terminating, conditions and terms of renewal, conditions and terms of disconnection and reconnection and fees that may be charged for disconnection.
  13. Service Providers must inform would-be subscribers of the existence of any product warranties and how to how to obtain such warranties.
  14. It is an obligation of licensed Service Provider’s implement the facilities and processes needed to permit consumers to report fault 24 hours a day.
  15. Service Providers are obliged to give advance warnings of anticipated service disruptions or planned outages, including details of the disruption or outages, the service and service areas affected and any applicable compensation or remedies.
  16. Service Providers are to ensure special measures for Consumers with disabilities by ensuring that the requirement and interests of disabled Consumers are fully taken into account in the development and provision of its services.