Issue #25   •   Quarter 3/4 Edition   •   December 2018



We, the delegates at the 11th Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) Annual Forum held in Abuja, Nigeria on 7th-8th October, 2013 on the theme of Innovation through Broadband,

  • Conscious of the need to ensure ubiquitous and safe access to internet for all;
  • Aware of the advances in Broadband globally and the benefits it has brought to people and communities;
  • Also concerned with the persisting wide gaps in global broadband affordability;
  • Recognizing that universal affordable broadband access will be best achieved through forward looking policies, facilitating regulations and innovative partnerships;

Resolve to;

  1. Further develop, adopt and implement policies, and establish regulatory environments that encourage investments in affordable, safe and equitable broadband;
  2. Promote local initiatives and innovation to advance entrepreneurship;
  3. Commit to work with regional and international organizations to ensure continued harmonization of national regulatory frameworks;
  4. Facilitate research for solutions and applications on the adoption and use of the internet to unleash the transformational power of Broadband;
  5. Create particular Broadband services and applications for women in order to bridge the gender gap;
  6. Actively promote the use of specific Broadband services and applications to support youth.