2013q4-features vacationWhen was the last time you took time off to travel with your family for the simple purpose of relaxation? I know a lot of responses wouldn't be affirmative because we barely see vacation as a necessity.

However, there is a lot to benefit from vacations as a lot of discoveries have been made that it helps help to boost both the physical and mental wellbeing.

A vacation is a specific trip or journey, usually for the purpose of recreation or tourism. Recent discoveries have shown that vacations promote creativity, a good vacation can help us to reconnect with ourselves, operating as a vehicle for self-discovery and helping us get back to feeling our best. Vacations highly promote overall wellbeing as a recent study found that three days after vacation, subjects' physical complaints, their quality of sleep and mood had improved as compared to before vacation.

These gains were still present five weeks later, especially in those who had more personal time and overall satisfaction during their vacations. Vacations can also help strengthen bonds. Spending time enjoying life with loved ones can keep relationships strong, helping you enjoy the good times more and helping you through the stress of the hard times.

In fact, a study by the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services found that women who took vacations were more satisfied with their marriages.

Amazingly, vacations could also serve a booster with your job performance. As the authors of the above study suggest, the psychological benefits that come with more frequent vacations lead to increased quality of life, and that can lead to increased quality of work on the job.

The bottom line is that taking a good amount of time away from the stresses of daily life can give us the break we need so that we can return to our lives refreshed and better equipped to handle whatever comes.