Issue #25   •   Quarter 3/4 Edition   •   December 2018


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by Osato Akele (Public Affairs Department)

2013q3-features gym 04As we all know, the NCC has a well-equipped gym that is open to all members of staff. The following is an interview with the Commission’s Gym Instructor (Micheal Ezekweseili).

  • 2013q3-features gym 01
    Osato Akele of the Online team with Michael
    Question: Are you a certified trainer?
    Answer: Yes I am, I was certified in Nigeria and Kenya as a gym instructor.
  • Question: So what time do you work with here in the Commission?
    Answer: We operate from 6:30am-8:00am for morning session every day and also from 5:00pm-8:00pm for the evening session.
  • Question: What kind of activities do you have in the gym?
    Answer: We have aerobic classes which are on Saturday’s from 9:00am-10:00am and from 8:00am-8:00pm the gym operates.
  • Question: How much time do I need to set aside each week to exercise in order to be healthy?
    Answer: You need to set aside 3 times in a week, 1 hour per session for you to be physically fit.
  • 2013q3-features gym 02
    Truddy Awusaku of PAD burning fat on the treadmill
    Question: What is the best way to lose fat?
    Answer: The tread mill helps a lot to burn calories and aerobics helps to burn fat, lifting light weights also helps in tightening up those lose fat muscles.
  • Question: So how can you help me reach my goal?
    Answer: To assist you in reaching your set goal, you’ll have to come to the gym regularly and set aside the time to design your diet programme.
  • Question: As a gym instructor, what kind of foods should I abstain from?
    Answer: You have to abstain from starchy foods, also eat chicken without the skin and avoid eating late night meals.

  • Question:
    Do you think timing affects the patronage of the gym?
    Answer: Yes it does, in fact management has given us this set time to work with, but I think there should be an hour to work out in between the lunch hours.
2013q3-features gym 03
Mohammed of USPF being helped out by a gym worker to add some muscles to his frame