With all the enviable statistics Nigeria can boast of, in telecommunications development, cost of doing business, particularly in the rural areas, is still very high. Apart from the inadequate power supply which sees almost every business generating all the energy it requires to operate smoothly, the issue of unavailability of ubiquitous broadband and high cost of data bogs down the speed of doing business, just as it jerks up the cost. However, several measures have been applied to ease the problem and have broadband deployed in the rural areas from the quantum capacity available from submarine broadband cables landed on the shores of Lagos by private companies, including MainOne, Glo1, West African Cable System, WASCS, and Even Sats3. Such measures included instituting a national broadband plan, which projected certain levels of broadband penetration within given time frames; a national Economic Council which stipulated and pegged costs for Right of Way, Row access, for operators willing to deploy services in rural areas.

VANGUARD PG. 24 & 25