Issue #25   •   Quarter 3/4 Edition   •   December 2018


The Minister of Communications, Barrister Adebayo Shittu, has said that the era of university graduates roaming the streets and looking for job after graduation would soon be over. He hinges his hope on the fact that the six new universities established by the Federal Government which will begin operations in September will focus on adding value to the current level and pace of economic development in Nigeria, diversifying our economy and positioning Nigeria as the leading light in ICT in Africa.

According to the minister, the universities will focus more on practical, hands-on education which will help students hone their skills and talents rather than on theoretical learning which does little to put student on good practical stead.

Adebayo made the assertion at the opening of the 2017, TechPlus Expo in Lagos. He said: “The nation also seeks to own its first ICT University which will be the first of its kind in Africa. It will compete with similar institutions in India and South Korea. It will be the first of its kind in Public-Private sector partnership and private bodies, institutions and organizations would be invited to adopt and take ownership of various departments and campuses and bring in all that is needed to create the desired ICT revolution in the country”.

The minister commended the organizers of the annual event for their effort in providing a robust platform that allows companies, individuals and businesses in the tech space to bring together customers, clients, and stakeholders to showcase their products and services.

The Minister said that in the face of the reality that crude oil can no longer sustain the economy of any nation, the time has come for Nigeria to retool her education template to make schools the effective breeding grounds for skills that help to create a kindlier future rather than a place for the award of certificates.

In his welcome speech, the General Manager, TechPlus, Taiwo Oyewole revealed that this year’s edition of TechPlus is more than just a conference or exhibition, as many novel ideas have been made to deepen conversations and ensure that participants make true connections and seize opportunities to transact business.

He added that, “Over the past editions, TechPlus has become many things to different people. A place to learn, get the pulse of the market in the tech ecosystem, meet like minds, network, play games and of course also have fun”.