nccbuildingThe NCC has set a two percent (2%) call drop rate as the limit that telecommunications companies must work towards as part of the condition they must meet in the new Key Performance Indicators (KPI) guidelines on Quality of Service (QoS).

This is coming in spite of the frequent dissatisfaction being expressed by telecoms subscribers on the quality of service by the operators, characterized by call drops, occasional service outage and network congestion, among other issues.

The NCC, however, has said on its website that there has been some improvement on the networks in terms of the level of quality of service operators deliver to their subscribers but a lot still needs to be done to achieve the minimum level of 2% call drop rate.

Nearly all the service providers in the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) and the CDMA segments of the industry are adjudged to have made some improvement in the area of upgrading their networks to accommodate the subscriber base on their networks as well as enhancing service delivery.