Issue #25   •   Quarter 3/4 Edition   •   December 2018


It’s a programme that will run for a year. Since the day we were unveiled as Ambassadors of the Telecom Consumer we’ve been going round; we’ve done town hall meetings with some communities in Gwagwalada in Abuja, Agege in Lagos, Abeokuta in Ogun and Kano.

Telecom consumers should cooperate with us; NCC means well for all telecom subscribers. We’re going to step down to our local languages so that we can communicate with the average Nigerian anywhere, any day and anytime; so we’re representing the brand. We are voices for the consumer and we’re certainly going to deliver.

Poor Quality of Service (QoS) is an issue and NCC is seriously addressing it by impressing it on operators to improve the technical integrity of their networks and by educating the public on the need to realize that vandalisation of telecom infrastructure does damage to service delivery. Some people do not want telecom masts erected in their communities for fear that it is hazardous to their health, such people need to be educated on this; they need to know that various studies and researches conducted on this matter by global health authorities still say masts are safe. People need to understand that they need to cooperate with the NCC so that we can have more masts erected so that we can have more network coverage and better service.

We are grateful to the Commission for this honour and we are determined to do our best in the interest of the telecom consumers.

About Ali Nuhu ...

Ali is an actor, producer, dancer and director. He is a rare mix of versatility, innovativeness and raw stage audacity. On account of his towering profile among his peers he is easily referred to as the King of Kannywood having featured in hundreds of Hausa language and English language movies. This has earned him numerous accolades than any other actor in Kannywood.

He is a trend-setter being the only actor to have successfully cut across the northern and southern axis of Nigeria doing what he was born to do: acting, producing and directing movies. He has a significant followership in Africa and among Nigerians worldwide. To his credit, he has featured in over 160 Hausa and 110 English movies. He is a multiple award winner, honoured both at home and abroad including the Afro Holywood Award in London. He is a graduate of the University of Jos, a Globacom Ambassador, Royco Ambassador, among others endorsements. Endowed with good look, a frame naturally suited for the big stage, he has remained a role model for teeming Nigerian youths espousing the value and virtue of hard work. He is the quintessential Nigerian man: cognitively gifted and innovative. He is a sought-after brand and fondly called the Emir of Kannywood or simply King Ali.