Monday June 05, 2023

Following consultations with the relevant industry stakeholders and in consonance with the Nigerian National Broadband Plan of 2013 and observed developments in international licensing trends on the best way to issue 2.6GHz Spectrum, the Commission decided to license the available 2 X 70 MHz slot in the 2.6GHz spectrum band in slots of 5 MHz to be aggregated by applicants through the Spectrum auction process. i.e. 14 Lots of 2 X 5 MHz FDD paired Spectrum ranging from 2500 – 2570MHz and 2620 to 2690MHz (totalling 2 X 70 MHz) for auction.

The Spectrum is offered by the Commission on a technology neutral basis. However, for roll-out of services, the Commission intends to follow the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recommendation setting aside Spectrum in the 2.6GHz band for the provision of Advanced wireless broadband services.

The Successful Bidders at the Auction will be issued ten (10) year National Spectrum Licenses on a State by State basis. This License will authorise the licensee to make use of the designated part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum for the purpose of operating Advanced Broadband Service Network according to the terms of the relevant operating Unified Access Service License (UASL).

2 × 70MHz in the 2.6GHz Band