Friday December 03, 2021


Public Notices

The following are the Public Notices issued by the Nigerian Communications Commission. By the publication of these notices in print, broadcast or online, the Commission seeks to inform the public of developments and upcoming actions relating to its activites and the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

The attention of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC} has been drawn to the circulation of letters of award of various contracts purportedly written by the Commission's Secretary.

The Commission wishes to categorically state that these letters were not issued by the Commission.

When contracts are to be awarded by the Commission, adverts are published in various newspapers, the Federal Tenders Journal and our website. The procurement process adopted by the Commission is always transparent and can be duly verified.

The Nigerian Communications Commission hereby informs the general public that the 5.4GHz band spanning 5.470 – 5.725 GHz frequency range is a licensed band in Nigeria.

Transmission of signals or use of equipment in any form on this band without a frequency license obtained from the Nigerian Communications Commission is illegal and shall not be tolerated.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) hereby invites all affected and interested parties as well as the general public to a Stakeholder Consultation on the;


As part of its Internet Governance functions, the Nigerian Communications Commission seeks input from stakeholders in the development of a code of practice in support of an open internet. The Commission favours a multi-stakeholder model of engagement in the process of policy development for Internet Governance.

The attention of Telecommunication Operators are hereby drawn to the following:

  1. That following consultation with the industry, the commission has decided to re-channelize the 23 GHz microwave frequency band from its original 7 MHz plan to 28 MHz plan in accordance with recommendation ITU-R.F. 637-4.
  2. That this new plan takes effect from May 30, 2017.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in exercise of its functions as enshrined in the Nigerian Communications Act 2003, hereby informs all Licensees to update their records with the Commission, to ensure unhindered and effective correspondence.