Friday December 03, 2021


As the National Cyber Security Awareness Month comes to an end, it is important to note that cyber threats are persistent. Therefore it is imperative to be aware of emerging threats and preventive measures.

Cyber Security is our collective responsibility as users of the internet, for general online security is only as strong as the weakest link. Over the course of the month the NMIS department has been publicizing different themes to increase awareness on cyber threats and ways to counter them.

General Notices on online etiquettes and use –

Week 1 of the NCSAM focused on general security guidelines and online etiquettes that consumers should practice while on the cyberspace. Some of the tips shared are

  • Only make online transactions on secure sites that have HTTPS.
  • Share with Care; think before posting about yourself and others online. Consider what a post reveals, who might see it and how it might affect you and others now and in the future. Etc.  

These practices and many more shared will help protect yourself and others - remember, users who are lazy with their mobile device security become easy targets for hackers and other cyber criminals

Security Tips for Parents, Administrators and Children –

Week 2 focused on ways Parents, Administrators and Children protect themselves and others while using social media. The issue of cyberbullying was tackled and advice was given to Parents and Administrators on how to monitor children online.

Building Resilience - Trends, Risks and Safeguards –

For week 3 trends and online threats like online banking fraud, fake news and Ransomware where discussed and safety tips was provided. 

Provisions of the Cyber Crime Act 2015 –

The Cybercrime Act objectives was discussed and some provision of the Act were highlighted. This is to notify consumers that there is repercussion to illegal activities online. There are thirty two (32) offenses and penalties in the Cybercrime Act 2015, some of which were highlighted.

Continuous education of consumers on online safety, through awareness and sensitization campaigns will be done to empower them. This will make them aware of both the positive and negative potentials available online and measures to take in safeguarding themselves.

It is always important to remember that Cyber Security is our collective responsibility as stakeholders in the cyberspace. We should please ensure that we follow all the safety tips and advice provided over the cause of the Nation Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).

The message was brought to you by the NMIS department of the NCC.