Thursday February 09, 2023

The NCC therefore wishes to advise that the following protective measures be taken, amongst others:

  1. To obtain software patch released by Microsoft in March 2017 to fix the Ransomware Virus.
  2. To plan scheduled penetration tests on the networks and systems to ensure protection and availability at all times.
  3. Subscribers who use their smartphones as substitutes to computers for internet access should protect themselves and their devices by:
    • Not opening e-mail attachments/links from unknown sources.
    • Not clicking pop-ups and applets on unknown websites.
    • Installing effective antivirus software for their mobile devices.

Furthermore, the NCC has taken the following proactive measures in fulfilling its statutory mandate;

  1. The Commission has advised Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to initiate regular assessment and audit of their cybersecurity readiness. All operators should continue to ensure that their backup/ disaster recovery strategies are in place and up to date.
  2. The Commission has further advised all operators to ensure continued deployment of effective firewalls, login passwords and antivirus management regime.
  3. The Commission is working towards creating a link with the Cybersecurity Alert System on its website so that current information on global cyber threats/incidents could be immediately communicated to stakeholders.
  4. The Commission will continue to provide more cybersecurity training for its staff.