Thursday January 20, 2022


The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, yesterday held the 85th edition of the Consumer Outreach Programme (COP) at the DLK Events Centre in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Organized in congruence with the framework of the declaration of 2017 as YEAR OF NIGERIAN TELECOM CONSUMER, this edition of the COP focused on Information and Education as Catalyst for Consumer Protection.

NCC Holds 85th Consumer Outreach Programme at Abeokuta
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The Consumer Outreach Programme is one of the three initiatives of the Commission designed to create a conversation around challenges the telecom consumer faces in order to ensure speedy resolution. It is also planned to heighten awareness and to sensitize the consumer about his rights and privileges.

Since March 15, 2017 when NCC rolled out programmes to give concrete expression to its declaration of 2017 as YEAR OF THE NIGERIAN TELECOM CONSUMER, a Renaissance of consumer enlightenment strewn in robust protection, information and educative programmes have been running on several platforms at the instance of the NCC. Some of the campaigns are focused on the need for telecom consumers to activate the DO NOT DISTURB CODE, 2442, to stop unsolicited telemarketing messages from operators and other content providers who ride the platform of Mobile Network Operators; as well as the need for consumers to use the Toll Free Line 622 to escalate complaints about unsatisfactory telecom services.

At the Abeokuta COP, other issues of concern to telecom consumers, which were discussed at the event, include safety of location of telecom masts and towers, as well as the associated risks of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) radiation. The programe was well attended by many stakeholders including NCC, MNOs, consumers, consumer advocacy groups, journalists, other practitioners of communication, and many other enthusiasts.