Thursday February 09, 2023

NCC is set to establish Internet Code of Practice
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- Committed to protecting telecom consumers against cybercrimes.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has reiterated that it is finalising the process of instituting Internet Code of Practice for the telecom industry in order to ensure appropriate conduct in the cyberspace.

Ismail Adedigba, Head Information and Reference at the Commission's Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB) restated this to participants at the 106th Edition of Consumer Outreach Programme (COP) held yesterday at Benin, Edo State.
Speaking on behalf of Felicia Onwuegbuchulam, Director Consumer Affairs Bureau at NCC, Adedigba declared that since the liberalization of the telecoms industry, there has been an unprecedented increase in the usage of Internet-based solutions and services in Nigeria. NCC deems it necessary to institute an Internet Industry Code of Practice to guide the governance process and addressing attendant challenges of stakeholders.

The Internet Code is a regulatory intervention expected to secure the country's cyber space against imminent threats from cyber attackers as well as addressing issues such as online child protection, privacy and data protection among others.
Adedigba noted that without consumers becoming aware of cybercrime trends and making efforts to ensure safe use of connected devices, cybercriminals will continue to make cyberspace unsafe. This explains the Commission's focus on sensitizing telecom consumers about their roles in mitigating the effects of cybercrimes.
He therefore reminded telecom consumers to be cautious of the type of information they post online and to imbibe responsible Internet and phone usage etiquette.