The Federal Republic of Nigeria

For the purpose of frequency allocation, the world is divided into three regions. Nigeria falls within Region 1. Article 5 of the Radio Regulations deal with these frequency allocations which have been made from 8.3KHz to 300GHz. After each World Radiocommunication Conference, reviews to the table are made to reflect additions and modifications resulting from these conferences. It is mandatory for all administrations to adhere to these allocations.

The National Frequency Table of Allocations is a compendium of frequency allocations to services applicable to Nigeria as well as a depiction of frequency usage in Nigeria. The table has been developed and periodically reviewed in conformity with the international regulations governing radio spectrum and the international/ regional agreements acceded to by the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the capacity of the National Frequency Management Council. It conveys the nation’s compendium prior to the World Radiocommunication Conference of 2015. The objective of developing and sustaining a National Table of Frequency Allocation is to promote spectrum discipline, increase efficiency and usage.

The Frequency Assignment Tables for the commercial frequencies assigned by the Nigerian Communications Commission are listed below;

Last Update: August 8, 2022

Spectrum Frequency Allocation Tables